Custom Creations

for the

Bougie Bohemians

Let us help you craft your Dreams into Reality.

 Besides our pre-made items, we offer Custom Creations for our beloved customers.

If you can think it, we can create it! 

If you see an item we have, and you want it made with a special crystal, or blend of crystals for you, let us know.

If you have a vision that we don't have yet... Let us know! 

We've got you covered! 


Custom standard sized Orgonite Pyramid. Crafted with Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Lavender Aragonite, Rose Quartz, & Copper

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Solar System inspired Bracelet crafted with crystals that specifically align with each planet. Sun ~ Fire Agate Mercury ~ Labradorite Venus ~ Amazonite Earth ~ Unakite Moon ~Clear Quartz Mars ~ Tigers Eye Jupiter ~ Soap Stone Saturn ~ Amber & Hematite Uranus ~ Hematite & Howlite Neptune ~ Chrysocolla Pluto ~ Rhodonite

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6 Inch Tall Orgonite Pyramid. Crafted with Selenite, Rhodonite, Aventurine, Carnelian, Labradorite, Citrine, & Copper

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